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Advantages of Karbone

A Unique Approach to the New Energy Economy

Karbone is a full service firm specializing in Renewable Energy and Environmental Markets. Based out of offices in New York and London, the firm offers a unique combination of Brokerage, Capital Advisory, and Research and Consulting services. Our clients include large-scale energy companies, utilities, project developers, and financial firms. Our mission is to provide our clients with the necessary intelligence, capital, and access to markets to help them succeed in the New Energy Economy.

• Karbone’s highly recognized Brokerage services include structuring long-term forward contracts for Bundled and Unbundled Power, RECs, SRECs, Carbon, and other commodities. The desk’s voice Brokerage team also manages daily markets for short-term spot trades. The firm’s Capital Advisory group sources equity, debt, and tax equity for distributed generation and utility-scale projects including solar, wind, biomass, biogas, and energy efficiency technologies. The Capital Advisory team also originates projects for bespoke investor clients seeking to deploy capital. Finally, Karbone’s Research and Consulting team regularly publishes proprietary market pricing, regulatory analysis, and monthly analytical research to help our clients make investment and trading decisions.

• Karbone differentiates itself through this uniquely integrated service approach, which allows our team to add value along each segment of the project value chain. Our supply-demand analyses and price forecasts inform our clients’ strategic decisions; our capital raising and investment advisory services enable our clients to get their projects off the ground; and our credit and commodity brokerage capabilities ensure that our clients maximize their revenue streams.