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As a leading firm in a cutting-edge industry, Karbone attracts individuals with a distinct combination of work ethic, intelligence, and entrepreneurial spirit. While Karbone’s team members come from diverse backgrounds, all of the firm’s professionals share a dedication to teamwork and our clients’ success.

To support its continued growth, Karbone is currently seeking innovative, energetic and talented individuals to add to its team. New team members will help guide the future of the company and further develop its professional practice areas.

For all employment inquiries please send a CV, cover letter and indication of the position of interest to: careers@karbone.com.


Current Openings

Director of Finance and Operations


Capital Advisory Associate


Natural Gas Originator


Wholesale Power Consultant


Environmental Commodities Broker



Brokerage Intern


Research Analyst Intern


Project Finance Intern


Working at Karbone

Jesse Feinberg

“I interned with Karbone in the fall of 2011 and spring of 2012. What I enjoyed about the work was conducting research that was not just academic, but instead actively helped the company enter new markets. In particular I put together reports on capacity market auctions in the Midwest, and emissions markets in Southern California. But what I enjoyed most day-to-day was being a fly on the wall in a fast-paced environment and learning how an environmental markets trading desk operates. The team was also great as I underwent my job search while completing graduate school. They did not hesitate to introduce me to their personal contacts at companies in which I was interested.”


Zack Lerman

“I worked a summer intern in Karbone’s Capital Advisory group, working to identify development-stage through shovel-ready clean energy projects for equity investment. Working closely with Karbone’s CEO and asset management group, I was able not only to learn a great deal about project finance for solar, wind, and energy efficiency projects, but also to develop longstanding relationships with clean energy project developers across the U.S. Today, I am a commercial sales and business development associate at EmPower Solar where I develop commercial-scale solar power projects financed through direct purchases and tax-equity deals. I continue to utilize and foster many of the relationships I developed while working at Karbone, and they have been key to my success and knowledge offering at EmPower.”


Jesse Petersen

“As a full-time grad student, having the experience interning with the Karbone team was immensely helpful in aiding my understanding of energy and environmental markets. Karbone is one of the preeminent finance, brokerage, and advisory groups in the renewable energy space and their tutelage has been invaluable. Working with such a talented group of finance and research professionals has bolstered my career trajectory and opened many doors for me in the industry.”


Nolwazi Sokhulu

“My experience with Karbone was consistently engaging: from my interactions with the team prior to being hired as an intern, to the work I was involved in throughout the semester. Due to the small size of the team, I was given significant responsibilities from the beginning, including: building supply and demand models for the New England Power Pool, and conducting telephone interviews with market participants, experts and legislators as part of the market research process. As with most things in life, what truly made this a memorable experience was working with people I thoroughly like and learned much from.”

Rebby Bliss, Columbia Business School ’13

My MBA internship at Karbone provided great opportunities for learning with a dynamic team of professionals. The high impact nature of the company and its work was both stimulating and inspiring and I continue to benefit from the positive role model of the company’s best practices in business development, client management, and teamwork.


Soffia Allarcon

“This internship is remarkable in three aspects:

First, I chose Karbone because I wanted to grasp knowledge over the field of energy sources and the challenges it faces in the US. Since my background was mainly in the field of international energy systems and markets it was of great interest to me to gain insight about the energy commodities in the US.

Secondly, I worked in the Research Team where I was able to conduct research on market activity and pricing to determine historical and future trends in the clean energy market in the US. Deepening my knowledge on a new field was a very attractive thing, though challenging.

Last but not least, a few words concerning the Karbone team. It was the first time I was working in English and in a young environment. This was an outstanding opportunity because it opened me the possibility to expand my professional network with the team and sometimes clients on different occasions. The biggest advantage is that I got to know them also in a friendly, informal environment, which was perfect to improve my communication skills and overcome my shyness towards some professional situations. Working at Karbone increased my confidence and helped me realized the field I wanted to pursue in my life.”